Down Payment Assistance Available to Colorado Home Buyers

These days, down payment assistance is not just available to first time buyers. We can offer a variety of government backed assistance programs to help the first time, and the seasoned home buyer get into a new home with little cost out of pocket. 

The CHFA HomeAccess program provides affordable fixed interest rate financing. CHFA HomeAccess is available statewide to low income, first time homebuyers who are individuals with a permanent disability, or are the parent(s) of a child or children with a permanent disability. CHFA also provides an optional $25,000 CHFA HomeAccess second mortgage loan for down payment and closing cost assistance in conjunction with the CHFA HomeAccess program.
With CHFA Homeopener we can offer a safe, secure fixed interest rate loans to buy a home, and even offer a CHFA Second Mortgage Loan to use for down payment and/or closing cost assistance. Learn more and download the flyer below!
With CHFA Smartstep and Smartstep Plus you may take advantage of a fixed interest rate, an optional CHFA Second Mortgage Loan to use for down payment and/or closing cost assistance, and an optional CHFA Statewide Mortgage Credit Certificate (CHFA MCC). The CHFA SmartStep program offers affordable, fixed interest rates and a 30-year term. Read more and download the flyer below!
With CHFA Preferred Plus, a lower down payment is required and an optional second mortgage is available to finance the down payment over the duration of the mortgage payment. Read and download the flyer below. 
CHAC offers down payment assistance to Colorado residents all over the state. Read or download the flyer below for more information.
NHF Platiunum Down Payment Assistance Grant.
This down payment assistance grant is open for both first time and seasoned home buyers. Available for Conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA loans. Up to 5% of the loan amount. 
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